03 January 2007

1920 x 1080

That's the resolution of "High Definition" video these days. Seems kinda arbitrary doesn't it? I mean sure, it's better than 720 x 480, but why stop there? Why not 2048 x 1920? Like I said, it seems kinda arbitrary to the end user.

Don't get me wrong, I love HD programming, going back to watching anything (but hockey in particular) on standard definition television is painful for me, sometimes I'd rather not watch it. I've actually been a big fan of HD for a long time, I bought an HD ready television a few years before we could even get HD content and just waited. Why? Well, we needed a new TV due to the death beyond repair of a previous set, and a much larger family room than the tiny 12" Quasar I had from the early 80s through to just recently was capable of entertaining, and I planned to keep it for a good long time. (I absolutely loathe the modern disposable mentality.) So I figured there was no way I was going to buy a non HD television when HD was "just around the corner". Similarly, even though I don't currently own a video camera, I'm not going to buy a standard definition camcorder... it just wouldn't make sense to me. Quite some time ago, I decided, my children's home movies would be in HD. At the time, I wasn't even yet dating their mother. I'll leave what that says about me for some other post. :)

Back to resolutions, though of a different sort. It's January, y'all know what that means.

I usually create a set of resolutions, I rarely keep to them. This year I'm going to record them here, for the world to see and no one to read. At least that's what I'm telling myself, no one is reading this drivel; it's purpose is for me.

Therefore, I resolve to:
  1. create more.
    • writings here
    • photographs on smugmug (dgrin challenges)
    • software for fun
  2. weigh less.
    • more healthy
    • more energy (kids take energy to keep up with I'm told.)

Kinda arbitrary aren't they? I guess that's just part and parcel with the resolution creation game.


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