16 January 2007

One of these is not like the others

I don't know why this irritates me so much, but it does. Take a good look at this spread, it's pages 6 and 7 of the Sunday comic section from our local paper.

One of those entries stand out to you? Let's see, the content of that spread includes (clockwise from upper left:
  • the 4kids.org section, with all of their targeted content for the upper elementary/middle school crowd.
  • Doodles, for the lower elementary grades.
  • You Can U, for the jr high school crowd.
  • KidCity, again for the elementary school ages.
  • Buckles, fun for all ages, but simple enough for the grade schoolers.
  • The Flying McCoys, or some other generic filler comic strip.
  • BC, struggling with life's meaning in an easily graspable style, high school appropriate
  • Zits, a very high school targeted comic
  • Dennis the Mennis, going back to grade school to some extent here... very retro 60s, golly gosh it's good!
  • Doonesbury. Scathing political humor, talking points of light, cigar jokes.
Does one of these seem, oh, I don't know, out of place? On the KIDS PAGE?!


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