25 February 2007

Dgrin busts out with $25,000 Photo Contest!

Ok, so the digital grin community (powered by SmugMug) tends to be my favorite online photography community. It's full of nice people, we have good technical conversations, great critiques of others works, very little flame wars, and practically no asshats. Unlike a few other photography communities I can think of. One of the things dgrin has had, for a long while now, is a photography contest. It's a topically driven two week window of folks trying to shot a given topic, and then voting on who captured it best. There have been some GREAT winners in the various contests. But there have also always been some kinda lame entries. Well, DGrin is kicking it up a notch now... it just might encourage more folks to play along, and help get those folks that are playing, to bring their A-game. digg story


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