25 April 2008

SLES 10 on PPC64 online update breaks sftp

If you're running SLES 10 on a ppc64 box (IBM pSeries, iSeries; Apple G5) and are tracking maintweb, you might find that sftp recently stopped working, even though ssh still works. The cause of this seems to be that SuSE changed sshd from 32 to 64bit recently. As a result the subsystem has moved from /usr/lib/ssh/ to /usr/lib64/ssh/. The sshd_config was updated, but if you've changed sshd_config yourself, as I have, then the new one is sitting there as sshd_config.rpmnew. In addition to the fix for the subsystem line, they also added some default AcceptEnv values that look sane for locale support. Quick simple fix for an annoying problem, that if you depend on sftp urls in things like TextWrangler it's non-intuitive.


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