04 March 2007

And so it begins...

They say baby's come with a lot of "stuff"....

Seems to me like we need to get most of it before hand to be ready. And we've been doing all the reading up and studying on various things, and talking to others that have already btdt.

First decision was easy: A convertible crib that will expand out of a bed as they grow. We opted for the Ellis style by Simplicity, in Cherry finish. We also got the matching dresser, rather than the "combo" unit.

Of course that lead a need for something to put on top of the dresser for a changing area, so a contoured changing pad and a covering for it are also on order. And today at Sam's Club we stumbled past a sage green super soft blanket, which will match the changing pad cover. With the Cherry wood and sage green combination going, it happens to tie nicely with a glider rocker we were looking at at JCPenny's last night, so I suspect they'll be ordered not too long from now.

We've also started looking at car seat/stroller systems, and have tentatively picked one out, and have some ideas in place for later when the child has out grown the infant seat.

Oh, and we picked up paint chips at home depot today for the grand house painting in June.



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