07 June 2008

Celebrating a Milestone

I tend to mark milestones in life differently than most folks.

When I graduated University and got a JOB at IBM I did my hair in purple for a week or so.

When we got engaged and bought the house, I permanently died my hair blue. To this day (6 years later) there are neighbors that still speak of me as "the blue haired kid".

Now, I'm leaving IBM and moving along... time to do it again.

UPDATE: hahaha... I love Rochester. Got called a "freak" in the hallway the other day. It was hard to keep a straight face when I told them I'd rather be a freak than be intellectually infinitesimal. Not sure they got it; but didn't feel like stopping to explain.

Second UPDATE: Spent much of the day in the Twin Cities... specifically in the SouthDale mall at the Apple store. Got several positive comments on the hair... no negatives... though one elderly woman looked at it a few times before shaking her (blue haired) head and walking away.


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