16 May 2009

time for a new workflow

So after babysitting my olde homegrown workflow from linux to mac for the last couple years I've decided it's time to give up and move to something someone else wrote and supports. It also doesn't help that my current workflow is not very good with raw, and is currently unable to handle files from a 5D mk 2. Last time I went out to HQ our UX guru at work did a evening session for a few photographers on Lightroom. I was impressed. Very impressed.

To be honest, a few years ago, I tried LR v1. Absolutely hated it. I think it lasted 10 hours or so on my computer before being ripped off. So I wasn't expecting to actually like v2.

As of this writing I'm about 2/3 of the way through a 30 day free trial of LR2.

There are still a few things that are seriously wrong with it. The #1 offender, it's stubborn, brain damaged insistence that catalog files must reside on local, permanent, disk. No network, no removable media, no pluggable drives. I have a large raid 5 array across the network that all of the machines here in the house use for protected mass storage. That's where all of my photos, videos, music live. At least they got the ability to use photos directly from the nfs mount right... and it will backup the catalog to the raid.

The next offender has got to be the hookey catalog open/close dance. And related to that... I fail to find any way to merge a catalog into another. A little lower on the list is the keyboard shortcuts. Yeah they're intuitive... but they're not what I would consider ergonomically laid out. Similar to, but not quite as bad as Apple's command-W and command-Q FAIL.

But annoyance aside, it's actually proving to be quite the productivity improvement. And I love the non-destructive nature of it. I put it to the test this evening. Earlier in the week I had been downtown and noticed that the bulbs Mayo has planted all over the place are in full bloom. I've been meaning to get downtown for an hour or so to shoot them. This morning when I checked the weather forecast before taking Quinn to swimming I saw that there is a frost advisory this evening! (WTF? it's MID MAY!!!) So I decided to get out and shoot them TODAY before they get killed off. The problem with that theory? 35-40mph winds. Those aren't the gusts... that's the reported sustained winds while I was shooting.

So I bumped up to iso 800 and went Tv to set my shutter into the 1/1000 or faster range. (did drop down 400 on a couple shots I was getting too much DoF on because the camera was stopping the lens down pretty far.)

Tonight I brought the results in to LR, spun through a derivation of Wade's process (skip the p/x step, just right into stars) and fiarly quickly whittled 69 images down, I ended up with: 14 images 1+ stars, 8 images 2+ stars, 3 with 3+, 2 with 4+, one with 5. not bad. Along the way I did some developing on a couple shots. I present the 4 best (3 or more stars) below.

first the best of the day, 5 stars:

(slightly cropped, auto converted from raw)

Now the second best, at 4 stars:

(auto converted from raw)

And finally, two renditions of the second runner up, with 3 stars:
First, as I would normally present it:

(auto converted from raw)

And then, in a style I call "Wadeist", high contrast B+W, with a heavy vingette:

(auto converted from raw, several presets applied, custom vingette applied... think I'm going to save that as a preset and call it "wadeist vinegette".)

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Blogger -april said...

funny. i saw that B&W flower and thought -- Wade!

9:54 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

Gorgeous photos, Cab. Really really beautiful.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

You must actually like the program if you're digging down on your FAIL list all the way to 'I don't like the keyboard shortcuts' as something to complain about. :) Your #1 complaint though seems like an artificial limitation; something that surely can be rectified by adjusting a .plist somewhere.

Excellent photos... I'm gonna have to dig out YOUR Spyder2 and finally balance my screen to really enjoy them.

8:46 PM  

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