30 October 2008

it's so very nice

to not be beholden to a VC or a stock holder.

Given the current state of the economy, many of my former coworkers have expressed concern for my stability. I'm touched. But they seem to be missing the big picture. Unlike them, I no longer have to justify myself to a stock holder or a venture capitalist on a daily basis. Now that's not so say we're slacking off. No, we're beholden to the only group that matters: our customers. They demand awesome. Not cheap, awesome. And being a small company, there's a sense of family here... I can't just walk away from something one of my co-workers needs saying "I'll do it tomorrow" because it's 10pm. They're still up working and ran into something they need me to fix so they can keep working. So I guess we're beholden to our customers and our co-workers. Good thing those two are aligned so well.

And the BEST part of not answering to some bean counting VC? Now, in the days when some of our competitors are folding and their assets are being sold off, and others are clearly slowing down their development to save costs... we're going full out balls to the wall, adding sorcerers, and kicking butt and taking names.


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