08 June 2008

onward and upward

(This is part 2 of a 2 part pair, the previous part was published last week, and details the "why" of my recent job change. This post focuses on there "whereto".)

Some have said my current hairdo is a dead giveaway as to my future path. They're right.

Those that read part one will know that one of the reasons I'm leaving is the lack of passion for what we're doing in the organization I work in. That's hardly something you can say about where I'm going. Passionate, driven, committed. Those all barely begin to describe the crew that runs SmugMug. So it's no wonder I've been a very happy customer since August 2005.

Another item I bemoaned about my current situation is not being able to do any real engineering.... that will be changing. :)

But one of my favorite things about smugmug... the deep connection to the customer that everyone has. Everyone in the company spends time on the support desk. At least 2 hours a week. Can you imagine Sam P. or Lou G. spending 2 hours talking to our customers? Yeah, me neither.


Blogger Anne said...

Glad to have you, Cabbey!

You look good in green. :)


11:05 PM  
Blogger viridari said...

We didn't really work directly together though you helped me out with something once in internal IRC (nick "magnus"). My first reaction when I heard was "lucky bastard".

Best of luck to you. I sort of wish I could work my photography into my livelihood more. Photography is my passion, and IT is just a paycheck,

2:43 PM  

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