17 May 2009

yeah, it's a keeper

That new workflow that is. I took Quinn to the park today... Cory followed along with the 20D, we came back with 89 images. (She took most of them.) Well, 88 in LR... Anyone have an idea why it keeps doing this:

The image comes up "fine" in preview and photoshop from the CF, both raw and jpg. But LR corrupted it when importing. I have had about 5 or 6 instances of this so far. Starting to get worrisome.

Anyway, less than 20 minutes whittled 89 images down to 12, another hour brought it down to 5 processed keepers. Most of the minimally processed, as is my norm. But a couple of them more heavily adjusted.

All in all, it was a fun outing to the park. :)

And he just looked so serious in this... sepia just seemed *right*.

(I'm not 100% sold on LR's sepia preset... I suspect I'm going to end up building my own.)

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