05 March 2007

tenative colors

Mostly just to keep track of them:

Kitchen: Glow W-B-310 in K&B latex
Living Room, Upstairs Hall, Entry and Downstairs Hall: Innocence W-D-720 in eggshell
Nursery (band around the top): Polar Bear 1875 in semi gloss
Nursery: Eucalyptus Leaf 490D-4 in semi gloss
Office (band around the top and middle): Polar Bear 1875 in semi gloss
Office (above the mid band): Utah Sky 560A-3 in eggshell
Office (below the mid band): Adobe Straw 760B-4 in semi
Downstairs Bathroom: Balmy Seas 490C-3 and Ice Cube 490C-1 (exact walls TBD) in K&B latex
Family Room: Regal 760A-3 in eggshell

plus undercoater 75 (or 2075 for the low voc version)

All are Behr Premium Plus.


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