27 September 2007

The tale of the incredibly shrinking beard

Sigh, it's a sad tale to be sure.

I've had this beard since... well... I can't really remember when.

I've certainly had it for as long as I've been in MN. I had it in CA for a long time before I came back here... it went through a few variations back there... a full traditional ear-to-ear beard (that itched in the summer, so it didn't last long)... a fu-man-chu like shaped and trimmed to length incarnation (way too much upkeep)... and a few different lengths have emerged over time. But being here in MN pretty much kept it at a consistent length that I call "winter coat zipper length". That's been 11 years now.

Now that Quinn is here... it's had to be trimmed.

Three times now I've shortened it. Finally it's short enough that he can't really get a grip on it enough to pull.

And sadly, that short (claims to be 1" on the clipper guides, more like 1/2" by my ruler) the gray shows even more.

Oh well, at least I can still wear socks with sandals, and cheap t-shirts with nerdly sayings and fit the "unix geek" image everyone expects.



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