20 June 2009

update on lightroom corruption

Since I started noticing the corruption of images in lightroom I stopped purging my CF card. Normally, once I had the images on the raid, and had taken a quick spin through them to make sure it was all there, I would purge the CF card back to empty. But that stopped it pretty quick. Recently I sat down to figure out how many were bad. A quick md5 comparison found nearly 1% of the raws (6 out of 596) that I had shot since moving to LR as my import mechanism were corrupted. This included 2 that I had not noticed the corruption visually in the thumbnails! That last bit kills me... I had honestly hoped the md5 check would have come back and confirmed that I had caught all of them visually in LR.

Not sure how I'm going to deal with this for the 5D2, since I'm currently converting to DNG on import to save space. Need to look into just how much space I'm saving... it might not be worth it.

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