27 July 2010

agile company FTW!

Holy crap I love my employer.

Yesterday SmugMug accomplished something that in 10 years at IBM, they never even dared dream of. You see, by some means of reckoning, yesterday was my 2 year employment anniversary with SmugMug. As with any company, that means performance reviews.

Mid-day I had my weekly program management meeting with "the management types"... it's the downside to being remote... no hallway facetime, so we do it on the phone once a week. Typical attendees are our General Manager (also an ex-IBMer), our program manager (ex-yahoo), our QA lead, and our president (ex-fatbrain). Now you may wonder why a weekly PM meeting has both our GM and our President... it's because they're about the only "management" we have. They also both double/tripple/quadruple serve other roles related to the planning and development of the site.

During that meeting, it came up that it was that time of year again for review. Our GM suggested an approach to our President on how to do it, they agreed. A few hours later, he called me up and we had an hour long conversation that basically was my review for the last year. We of course started with all the requisite jokes about grids and bands that are only funny to ex-IBMers. Afterward he talked to our President, gave a summary of the conversation with me, suggested an appraisal and they negotiated agreement on it. A couple hours later, he rang me up on my cell phone and we had a 5 minute conversation to cover the appraisal and subsequent payroll related ramifications while we were at a restaurant waiting for dinner.

Boom. Done.

1 day, in reality less than 8 hours from start to finish I think.

A plan for a review/appraisal.
A review.
An appraisal negotiation up the chain of command.
Decision on appraisal.
Notification of appraisal.

Mind you, there's a pending todo on my plate to have a few minute talk with our president about it all... but I talk to him every other week at the longest... sometimes more often than that.


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