02 November 2009

pan fried tofu, finally got it RIGHT

Ok, so I've been trying to get at least one meal a week in the menu with tofu instead of meat. And I've been trying to get a good pan fried tofu... something with a little crunch on the outside and a nice soft inside. Today I pulled that off. This post serves to document HOW.

  1. Freeze the tofu overnight, in this case, extra firm.

  2. thaw the tofu

  3. drain the tofu

    1. cut into the shrink wrap just along one side where the front hooks on, I actually took an entire strip of the front face of the package off along one side, this leaves basically a slit across the top where the water can come out.

    2. hold over sink and squeeze package with hands to press out the water. Don't be afraid to squeeze hard, the freezing turned it into a sponge, you're wringing it out now.

  4. slice the tofu block into 6-8 strips

  5. lay them out on a plate and season with liquid of choice... it will absorb like a sponge. I used Tamari Soy... you want something flavorful that will help it to brown, but not burn.

  6. flip over and season the back too! Unless you sliced it real thin, or put a lot on from the front, it won't make it across. You coulda also submerge it in marinade I suppose... but that seemed like overkill to me.

  7. put a thin layer of oil (I used EVOO) in a skillet and get it rocket hot, just below smoke point.

  8. place tofu strips flat in skillet and cook until crisp on one side

  9. flip and cook on the other (won't take as long as first side)

  10. remove from pan and enjoy

Here's why it's important to season both sides, if you don't (and I missed this on a couple) that side that isn't seasoned will soak up the oil from your pan and leave it dry, which means it will burn, not brown. And that, as AB would say, is not good eats.



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