29 July 2010

Why men should support the fight against breast cancer

As I sit here writing this, my son is playing on the floor next to me. He keeps asking "mommie, where are you?". She is off playing poker in support of breast cancer. A cause I fully support. ;)

So why should us guys go pink? Here are 3 reasons:

1. BOOBS. You're a guy, right? This should be obvious if you like girls.

2. Cancer is cancer, and it all sucks. The cure for breast cancer just might save your prostate some day. You know, that thing you are supposed to get checked periodically down there behind mr fun? Yeah, that.

3. Was #1 not clear? We are talking about breasts here... boobs, tits, melons, gazongas, righty & lefty, flopsie & mopsie... Whatever you call them, they're awesome.

(and yes, I'm probably going to catch hell for this post.)

(and no, none of those links are to SmugMug galleries... because our TOS kinda make it a boring search.)


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