03 September 2010

Fall Cleaning

Some people do Spring Cleaning, I tend to do Fall Cleaning. In this case, this fall I have a bunch of bigger ticket electronics gear to clear out, some of it is still quite viable. (I've been downsizing the home network lately... out sourcing stuff to google, S3, etc.)  So before I go post craig's list adds, or eBay auctions, I wanted to give folks I actually KNOW a chance to grab up any of this gear.  If you see something you're interested in, make me an offer.

1. Power Mac G5 quad. The biggest, fastest G5 based system Apple ever made, kitted out with 4x 2.5Ghz G5 processors, 3GB of ram (2x1G + 4x256M), 250G + 500G SATA drives, GeForce 7800GT graphics (dual DVI), DVD+RW DL Super drive.  Full specs from apple: http://support.apple.com/kb/SP37 .  Apple replaced the entire logic board for this just at the end of it's Apple Care, so that's all been gone over with a fine toothed comb (they spent HOURS testing it trying to figure out what the failure was, finally took it apart to find the issue.)  It will run 10.5, but I'm selling it with the factory 10.4 image (sorry, my 10.5 upgrade is the family pack, and I still have a G4 mini using part of that license.) Also happily runs ppc64 linux. :)  I have the original packaging, keyboard, mouse etc.

2. Storm iM3075 case. http://www.stormcase.com/StormCaseSizes/StormiM3075.htm (note mine DOES NOT have the foam, it is an empty case... you can add custom foam easily yourself though.) This puppy is unused. I bought it based on an online tool that asked what you needed to pack, and told you what case it would fit in.  I was in a hurry and didn't question it's math until the case arrived. It's quite large, far larger than I actually needed to transport my gear in. I bought a smaller unit and LOVE it. If you have a lot of gear you want to bring along securely, this is for you. I could see photographers fitting an entire studio worth of camera and lighting gear in hear for a mobile studio setup. This particular size also appears to have been very popular with scuba/dive shops when I was looking for it... dunno what it is about this size, but several carried only it and a few very small ones (like just big enough to keep your wallet and some papers in) They also seemed to price gouge the folks that bought this, charging nearly double it's cost.  Again I have the original box, plus it has all the tags and such on it. I would have returned it to the manufacturer, except that since it had to be built to order it was non-returnable. It's been collecting dust in the corner of my office since.

3. custom raid server case w/ system. This is a full height server case with 6x 5.25" drive bays outfit with adapters for 3.5" drives and a pair of massive 120mm fans with thermal controls and lint filters. There's also room for 2 or 3 additional drives in an internal frame on the other side of the partition. The system uses a mobile athlon (amd64) cpu fitted out with a large thermally controlled fan. Plus two more thermally controlled fans. The end result is a very quiet server with a LOT of storage space. Currently outfit with 3x pci ide cards and gige. Just add storage (and an OS) and you could have 3TB of storage for an additional < $500. (current prices on newegg.) Spend a bit more and you could do 12TB for around $700 more I'd guess (if you catch the 2TB sata drives on $99 specials like I did a few weeks ago). This system was designed to be a mythtv/freevo backend server (could do front end too I suppose) quiet, lots of storage. I have the tuner cards for it too if anyone is interested in it as a basis of that kind of project. (pcHDTV)

4. IBM PC300PL, the steel cased one, not the plastic desktop one. 6565-84U 600 Mhz Pentium 3, 640M memory, optical drive, 1x 1G ethernet, 2x 100M ethernet. (hard drive is dead, you'll need your own.)  This system was a great home server / router for years for me... the harddrive on it finally died, and my solution was to migrate the few services left on it out to the cloud instead of rebuilding the entire system on a new drive. Very quiet and low power/heat, loved this box, I just no longer have use for it.

5. SamSung SyncMaster 213T.  1600x1200 in a 21.3" screen. $200 + shipping

6. Baby Björn Travel Crib Lite - Blue. These things are amazing. I'm just sad our little boy has outgrown it. :(



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