25 January 2017

Not #NotMyPresident

I see this hashtag all over the place now. And it's just wrong.

First it was just the far right nut jobs who didn't like President Obama. Then it spread like a virus around the conservative side of the aisle as part of the GOPs campaign of disrespect against him.

But now, now I'm seeing democrats and liberals pick it up and throw it back at Trump supporters. I didn't like it then, and I sure don't like it now. We're better than that folks.

First of all, it's not technically right. If you are an American citizen, whether you voted for him or not, Donald J Trump is, currently, your president. We only have *one* president at a time in this country.

Secondly, it's taking the wrong attitude. It's an admission of defeat. When you use it, you're saying "the failing here is mine." But the failure here is not yours, it's his. He is your president, but he is NOT representing you. The failure is *his*.


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