14 May 2007

So where's the benefit from test plan charlie for the end user?

This is a question that has been driving me nuts for a while now.

There are lots of stories about various companies using the type of architecture that Boyes set out to validate, but they are all using them internally. Even the company he was nominally doing the validation work for when he did that, Telia, were using it in the back end of a product offering. So where's the application of that same economy of scale for us end users? Today the net is littered with dozens (hundreds?) of companies that will sell (rent? lease? whatever...) you a Virtual Dedicated Server, but every single one of them I have found is either running on Xen/VMWare on Intel hardware, or is some kind of home built cobbled together Rube Goldbergian contraption.

Where are the Linux on VM on s390x vendors?

I've been searching for a few months now and I simply can't find them. If I had the
cash to do it I'd snag one of the older systems that have surfaced on a few
corporate/academic surplus sites and start a hosting provider myself!

For those not familiar with the topical reference, some details on Test Plan Charlie, and what it means.